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The goal of Operation Panda Healing is to provide positive healing to children suffering from any acute and serious medical condition through the simple gesture of a gifted stuffed panda bear.

Our story began like most, a simple visit to the ER for a fever. Nothing too major, right? As you can imagine, things became way beyond routine as the fevers persisted and our child slipped further and further into illness. It was our third trip to the ER that finally revealed the cause of his illness, a severe infection on our son's brain that needed immediate and extensive surgery.

During his initial hospital stay, we relied on what we like to call his "spirit animal" - the panda. He had always had an affinity to the panda bear - their gentle, playful spirit was calming and peaceful. He had amassed quite a collection before going into the hospital and we started receiving stuffed panda bears and panda related gifts from friends and family. In fact, we covered the walls with pictures of pandas and arranged stuffed pandas around his room. All with the intent of lifting his spirits and using the power of positivity to carry him through this terrible ordeal. And guess what... IT WORKED! After two major surgeries and weeks of recovery, we are grateful that our son was able to able to make a full recovery with only a scar as a reminder of his brush with death.

What we learned from our experience was that we truly can heal faster with the power of positive thought. We asked for only positive words around him and only positive thoughts - all focused on recovery. We chose the gentle panda as a symbol of healing and positive inspiration. Our goal is to send that same positivity to other sick children so that they may have their spirits lifted and experience a quick recovery. Smiles for miles!

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