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As a family, we created OPH with the hopes of spreading the healing power of positivity to children across the country.

Each member of our family has their own role in creating these wonderful healing gifts. Whether it's fielding requests, crafting the boxes or getting them ready for shipment, our pandas are prepared with nothing but positive intentions for each child and his or her family. We intend to grow our mission and widen our Panda Support Team. All with a simple goal - help spread the love!

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CEO (Chief of Everything Officer)

Collects information for the children / family and coordinates delivery. Runs the social media aspect of OPH via Facebook and everything else in between.


Shipping and Handling

Gets pandas ready for shipment including box assembly and shipping. Assists with box production. Responsible for supply management.


Brand Ambassador

The original inspiration behind OPH. Provides a personalized letter to each child that is in need of a panda.


Creative Department

Decorates and prepares boxes for delivery and crafts a hand-written address label for each box. Responsible for creating fun photos to share on social media.


Research and Development

Develops new ways to increase awareness of OPH and works with social media strategy.



Works to set up and create events to drive fundraising for the organization. Captures our events in beautiful photographic stills.

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